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Professional Services

IBS offers professional services to new, small and medium size companies;  companies who may not have enough work to warrent hiring a new employee but have too much to handle with the current staff;  companies who have needs that their current staff are not qualified to fulfill;  companies who would like to try something new but don't have enough information or staff to accomplish the task.

Let IBS become your extra qualified hands.

Outside of the box opportunities for inside of the box ideas!

Services Offered

No manuals for new employees?
Bookkeeping absorbing too much of your time?
Business and training manuals still in need of development?

There is nothing worse than missing a link in your administrative office. IBS offers a wide range of services to bridge the gap, such as setting up and/or restructuring admininstration procedures, setting up and/or maintaining bookkeeping duties, development of customized business forms and more... Learn more

Customized Training:
Do your associates sometimes seem brain dead?
Motivation a continuous challenge?
Employees in need of training, but no one on staff qualified?

We will sit down with you and discuss your business, goals, and opportunities. We determine the amount of time your employees will be available for a single training module, a full series, or an out of the box presentation. Then we customize a curriculum tailored specifically to fit your needs... Learn more

Diverse Projects:
Battling growing pains & need an extra hand?
No time to attack the "To Do" pile?
Tradeshows to attend but can't find the staff?

We realized that none of us can be in all places at one time. We sometimes can't do everything. Let us offer our hand to you. IBS assists with completion of many diverse projects and opportunities ranging from Trade Show Representation, Event Coordination,Office Reorganization, and so much more... Learn more

We've got YOU in our sights!

Innovative Business Services was developed based on the growing needs of businesses in Maine and surrounding states. When the owner is primarily also the managing director, there just isn't enough time in the day to get everything done. There also isn't enough hours to warrant hiring on another employee, so the chain has a missing link. IBS introduces creative and innovative business solutions to assist in positive and enjoyable growth through thinking outside of the box opportunities.

Prior to establishing IBS, Lisa Desrosier was in the Hospitality Management Field as well as advertising sales, holding positions ranging from Regional Sales Manager to General Manager to Director of Operations. She also was involved in Project Managing with new builds, acquisitions and new product introduction. With this she and her employees bring to the table a wide array of skills to suite your needs.

Please feel free to contact Lisa with ANY questions that you may have. We hope your day holds many smiles!

Trade Shows:
Have you ever wanted to be a vendor, but didn't know where to begin?
Are trade shows too time consuming?
Is no one trained to represent your company at the show?
Do you have NO staff at all?

When you want to align yourself with your competition and stand out among the crowd, IBS may be your answer. From developing a plan, to designing your booth, to providing trade show reps, we have the experience...Learn more

Who are some of the companies that we work with?

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